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Hike : le sentier Martel (GR4)

Le sentier Blanc-Martel is a beautiful hiking of 7 hours which descends to the bottom of the Gorges du Verdon.

- Check the chalet de la Maline (near La Palud sur Verdon)
- Arrival at Sublime Point (near Rougon).

Undoubtedly the most famous hiking area!

How do I get there?

Two possibilities:
- Take the shuttle from Castellane in the morning, and the one which starts from point sublime at the evening.
- Going to Point sublime by car in the morning, and take the shuttle which leads walkers to the chalet de la Maline. You’ll find your car while arriving at Point Sublime at the end of the walk.
+ The shuttle : schedules and prices

What should I bring?

Provide absolutely water, at least 2 liters per person in summer.
Also walking shoes, a snack, a hat, sunscreen, possibly a light raincoat, a sweater and sunglasses depending on the weather of the season.
Important: Take a flashlight with you in working condition. (the trail passes through two tunnels : the Trescaïre tunnel and the Baou tunnel - 110m and 670m respectively long.) (These tunnels carved into the rock, are the ruins of an attempt hydroelectric bottom of the Grand Canyon du Verdon, in the early twentieth century. works were interrupted by the first World War. later the tunnels were built for tourism development.)

How many hours of work does it take?

White Martel trail is a hike of 14 km. Allow about 5:30 or 6 hours of walking without breaks. Maps and guides rely 7am, including breaks.

Where can I find a map?

The map of the hiking and four walks in the gorges of Verdon, is on sale at the reception and supermarket camping.

Where to snack break?

Located almost halfway, the ’beach’ Mescla is an ideal place for a lunch break: there is space, the place is well lit and you can keep your bottles cool in the torrent. In addition, the undergrowth is accessible.
(Respect for the place, do not give any waste behind you.)

Can you swim in the Verdon?

Swimming in the Verdon is not recommended. Dams and Castillon Chaudanne upstream perform regular water releases. The sudden rise in the water resulting is surprising and presents a real danger of drowning.
Along the trail, signs also remind warning.

Is it safe to leave the car at Point Sublime all day?

As in all parking areas very touristy, it is advised to park in the parking lot and avoid parking in isolated due to potential thieves or robbers car.

Can I pick plants while hiking?

No. As with all hiking trail, it is essential not to pick any plant. This is to safeguard protected species and / or endangered.
Along the Martel trail, you will see carnations, lilies, wild roses, daisies, honeysuckle, ceps, strawberry, raspberry, hazelnut, etc..

Sentier Blanc-Martel

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