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Camping International de Castellane

Gorges du Verdon Gorges du verdon Camping International
Camping International
RD 4085 - 04120 Castellane
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Private residents

On our plots with their own accommodation (generally mobile-homes also known as static caravans)

Do you accept residents throughout the year?

Yes and that clientele fills up some 74 pitches for some 68 owners (in date of 2010) over our 297 pitches. We value this clientele and try to bring positive novelties to them every year. Our progress has been constant when you think that at the time we took over the campsite in 1996, only 6 residents were present.

During which period of the year can I come?

During the non-freezing period i.e. end of March to mid-October.

Which particular conditions do I have to fill in order to become the owner of a mobile-home in your campsite?

The first condition is the purchase of a unit on the market. We do make regular offers of introduce you to private residents on site who sell theirs (without any commission for us). That unit shall not exceed 25 years in age. Our politic of brand is not restrictive. You just have to show us the model and describe an overall good physical shape of the unit to be allowed in. Your unit shall not exceed 25 years of age.

Are terraces allowed?

Yes (already mostly the case for 98% of our residents) while respecting the basic conditions of permitting the easy exit of the mobile home and not fixing underground attachments to the ground. No fixed roof is permitted. The traditional gazebo of white and yellow stripes (stripe of 7 cm) shall be foldable along ropes of cable at any moment.

Are we free to sell the mobile home to another private family?

Yes as long as the new owner agrees to sign the local contract. We charge no fee on buyer or seller.

Do you limit the brands or models of mobile-homes coming in?

No and we take no commission when we introduce you to salespeople of various French brands like Louisiane, IRM, O’hara while allowing our future residents to enjoy professional rates at 15.000 € the minimum price on a 8x4 meters without transportation cost.

Am I allowed to rent out or lend my mobile-home?

Yes within the limit of the respect of the rules by your visitors. They enjoy of course the right to freely take part in the activities of the campsite. These activities make for no extra payment.

What shall I do if I wish to rent out my mobile-home with the campsite as a middleman?

First have a mobile-home of maximum 10 years of age and keep it in perfect condition. Second allow the campsite to make an early inspection to check if all equipment are in good order of esthetics and especially of functioning. Private souvenirs are banished leaving plenty of storage place to the visitors of the season. Finally sign a contract mentioning that a commission of 20% is levied on public rates, leaving the rest to credit your yearly account.

How does your yearly rate function on private pitches for residents?

That rate is determined (for 2011) according to the size of the plot measured in square meters (m?). Three ranges of pitch sizes exist: 100-120 m?, 120-160 m?

et 160-200 m?

with corresponding rate of 2400, 2760 et 3000 € per year. This price includes all facilities: water, electricity, gas and sewer.

Do I need to pay every month?

Yes through credit card payment or regular bank transfer.

Which mean of payment is authorized?

The most common is the regular monthly bank transfer or debit of your credit card (Visa and Master Card).

Are the fences allowed?

No, especially high and showy kind of fences.

Are the garden sheds allowed?

Yes, within the limit of the maximum size: 2 square-meters on the ground and 1,5 meters in height on the outside.

Are the fixed barbecues with charcoal fixed?

Yes because even if used with coal, they cannot tip over. Fixed barbecues using gas and electricity are of course favoured.

Are the vehicles of relatives or friends in-visit?

Yes within the reasonable. Any placing of cars in plots of neighbours Toute intrusion de voitures dans des parcelles voisines peuvent donner lieu à interdiction.

Camping International * * * * * - RD 4085 - 04120 Castellane - France - tel +33 (0)4 92 83 66 67 - fax +33 (0)4 92 83 77 67 - email

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